Pdi Sports Art

Hi all,

Can you believe it's mid February? It seems only a week or two ago we were all celebrating Christmas, 2021 has already got off to a flyer despite the issues still hanging over most of the world at the moment.

After our initial soft launch at the end of 2020, we took a little break in January and are now working behind the scenes on new designs, ideas, content strategies and much more... there is no time to rest in the world of digital art and eCommerce!

We will expand in more detail on some of the features mentioned above when the time is right, however, there are some additions we can touch on immediately.

There are a couple of new categories already being populated on the website, we have not announced them officially to a wider audience, but that will be happening imminently. So if you are an early visitor, then take a look.

Football Fan Chant Mugs: We have added some fun in the form of football chant mugs, there are several Premier League team chants already in the category including Man United, Liverpool, West Ham, and Leeds with more being created.
These mugs are a bit of fun created from fan chants and changed into versions that include your favorite brews like Tea and Coffee.

Take a look and let us know what you think, if your team is not there, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Thank you for the support

Pdi Sports Art Admin