Opensea NFT Marketplace listings
You must be aware by now that we are both a traditional and digital sports marketplace. This means that we are selling printed sports art (traditional) and also NFT collectibles on the blockchain (digital).

Our digital collectibles are growing with more being developed. We already have almost 200 varied NFTs available in several collections that are mainly on the Opensea platform.

To help you view these NFT collections easier, we have added individual pages into the main website category menu that will load the Opensea content.

How to access these links
Simply open the main menu category tab (top left), and navigate down to the NFT Marketplaces tab. Click on the + icon and you will see links to the revealed NFT collections.

Opensea NFT Marketplace listings menu

Once you click on one of the links you will visit the Opensea embedded collection within our webpage. Please allow time for the page to load and if you see any issues we would appreciate your feedback.

If you want to discuss digital collectibles or any of our NFTs, please get in touch.

Thank you,

Pdi Sports Admin