New Print Art Collection announced - Arsenal FC Gold.

It's time to announce another new print collection for the Pdi Sports Art store. This new print collection celebrates some of the most influential Gunners (Arsenal FC) players from the last 30 years of the English Premier League.

Combining Word Art and Shadow, we have put together silhouette images of some iconic Gunners.

We have started with only a small selection who we think made a big impact on the North London giants.

Arsenal FC Gold Collection

Material and Sizes:
Currently these prints are only on Canvas, however, in the coming weeks we will be adding availability in Acrylic and Aluminum.

The prints will available in 2 sizes (in cm):  20*20 and 30*30.

Have we missed anyone, who else would you include?

Enjoy the Arsenal FC Gold Collection, lots more to come from Pdi Sports Art.

Pdi Sports Art Admin