Pdi Sports Art NFT Collection

It's been a very busy few weeks behind the scenes at Pdi Sports Art and we have managed to soft launch another exciting section of our strategy plan.

We are very pleased to announce that our Sports NFT profile is now Live and populated with some initial NFT designs on the OpenSea platform (we will be opening more platforms in the near future).

Our profile is open for business on Opensea with our first Sports NFooTball Collections NOW launched. Follow us there for new NFT launches, making a bid, or official drops. We will be releasing notifications across our social media and website do you don't miss a thing.

NFooTball Collections - What are they?
Pdi Sports Art will be adding many more NFT's onto our OpenSea profile over the coming weeks and months. Initially, the majority of these Sports NFT's will be Football related. For these Football NFT's we have created a new overall name called our 'NFooTball' collections.

About the current collections
Initially, we have 2 collections (categories) set up on out OpenSea platform. Forza Azzurri and Young Lions. Both these collections are dedicated to players from the recent EURO's final at Wembley celebrating the both teams (Italy and England) who made it to the Final.

We look forward to engaging with you on Sports NFT's, so make sure you check out the Pdi Sports Art OpenSea profile here - https://opensea.io/PdiSportsArt

Thank you,

Pdi Sports Art Admin