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Forza Azzuri In celebration of Locatelli

This post last Updated 30th August 2021
Live Sports NFT - In Celebration of Locatelli - Uncommon
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Locatelli NFT breakdown:
NFT Full Name:
In Celebration of Locatelli
NFT Full Link: In Celebration of Locatelli
Collection: Forza Azzurri
Collection Link: Forza Azzurri
Copies: Only 11 are available
NFT Type:
14 second MP4 video clip with sound
Square, 2k x 2k pixels

About the Player - Manuel Locatelli:
This NFT is dedicated to the Italian Midfielder Manuel Locatelli after his excellent performances for the Azzurri at the 2020/1 EUROS (where Italy won the tournament).

More about the Collection:
Pdi Sports Art presents the 'Forza Azzurri' collection. This Sports NFT collection is dedicated to the superb winning Italian Football (soccer) team at the EUROS.

Part of the Pdi Sports Art NFooTball collections - All our Football related NFT's.

Where to find Pdi sports Art NFT:
More Sports NFT's available and coming soon on our OpenSea profile

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