Pdi Sports Art NFT

PDI Sports Art are pleased to announce that we will be launching our own range of Sports NFT's in the coming months. In-fact we have already planned the first collection and have been testing examples in the last week.

How is Pdi Sports Art joining the NFT Sport revolution?
Initially we will be visible on two of the most common platforms - Opensea
and Rarible (with others to follow), and we will be posting links and announcements when any new NFT's are released from Pdi Sports Art.

What is an NFT?
If you have not heard of NFT's in the last few months, you must have been on some serious holiday... NFT stands for a Non-Fungible Token which are digital files that can be in different formats like JPEGs, GIFs, MP3 or Video.

The non-fungible part means that these tokens (files above), are original and have a unique element making them original and therefore more rare. Once digital assets are made into tokens, they can be purchased and sold on Blockchain technology utilizing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Once a token is created and or purchased, a certificate of ownership, sales, and
history is available. A full timeline of ownership and sales is legible so no token can be copied. This can also be very beneficial to an Artist who wants to legitimately sell either a digital art or a print version of their piece (or both in the same sale).

This is only a brief overview. The technology and ability to create your own NFT collections and space is not too difficult which makes it very exciting for the individual or small business.

Sport and NFT
NFT's have taken the world by storm in the last 6 months, especially in Sport. Sports NFT's (Non Fungible Tokens) have become the talk of the internet and beyond.

The NBA lead the way and has really made Sports NFT's the talk of the town by creating their own video clip collections at the end of 2020. This was followed earlier in the year by the incredibly lucrative 'Top Shot' NFT series.

The Golden State Warriors were the first individual team to offer their own Sports NFT collection in May showcasing some quality NFT's.

Many other Sports teams, individuals, Athletes, and brands are following suit so watch this space as things evolve.

Future of NFT and Sports?

The future looks very interesting for this space with many sports brands utilizing the technology and mixing campaigns with traditional marketing ideas. Big players are really taking on board the potential, just look at how the new Space Jam movie have launched a range of NFT to accompany the film release.

Thank you for the support

Pdi Sports Admin