Silhouettes of the present wall art

Sports Silhouettes Wall Art Collection on Pdi Sports Art
You may have already noticed on the website several new sections, products and collections starting to appear. One of these collections that we have not properly introduced is our Sports Silhouette wall art ranges.

Official release video:

So far, our Sports Silhouette collections come in two individual categories.

Number One - Sports Silhouettes of the present
A selection of current Football players from the world of Football.

Number Two - Sports Silhouettes from the past
A selection of historic and cult Football players from the world of Football.

We will be sporadically adding more products into both of these Sports Art collections as time goes by. Alternatively, if you want a specific design or character please let us know.

Silhouettes from the past

Design and size options
- Wall Art products are mainly available in 3 different types of material depending on what is stated on the item itself: Framed paper (different frame types), Aluminum or Acrylic (Acrylic has no border due to the wall bolts in each corner of the artwork)

- We have a variety of sizes and different orientations available including Square, Vertical, and Horizontal options
- Please check the individual items to see all the options, if you require specific material or size that is not mentioned, please ask

Thank you for the support

Pdi Sports Art Admin